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Remove serious odor problems in your carpet, upholstery, restrooms, sports/exercise facilities and more! This concentrated formula saves your product and money! 


Will permanently eliminate deeply imbedded odors from

  • urine
  • feces
  • vomit
  • pets
  • organic decomposition
  • mold/mildew
  • garbage
  • and more!


ODORCIDE 210 Concentrate Deodoorizer - Fresh Scent!

  • Refer to dilution instructions outlined below to calculate the necessary amout of concentrate needed. Remove metering bulb cap and seal. Squeeze bottle to measure desired amount of concentrate. Always plan to apply in a manner most conducive of getting Odorcide to the source of the odor. Odorcide is able to penetrate to the odor source. Odorcide may also be used in a fogger.

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