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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is AEGIS?

Registered with health authorities since the 1970s, AEGIS is the most widely used bonding antimicrobial in the world. From the socks on your feet to the keyboard at your desk – if a product says odour and staining fighting or antimicrobial – it is likely AEGIS. AEGIS forms a colorless, odorless, positively charged polymer that molecularly bonds protecting the surfaces where we live, work, and play.


How long will AEGIS last on a treated surface?

AEGIS lasts for the life of the surface due to its covalent bond. Typically, high-touch treatments will last for up to 1 year and treatments on walls and textiles can last up to 3 years or longer while at greater than 94% efficacy. Abrasion or caustic cleaners (pH 11+) can remove AEGIS. CES will review your cleaning and disinfection products for compatibility


How does AEGIS work?

You could think of the AEGIS Microbe Shield® as a layer of electrically charged swords. When a microorganism meets the treated surface, the molecular sword punctures the cell membrane (lysis) and an electrical charge shocks the cell. The treatment does not break down and the antimicrobial does not lose its strength, leaving the sword ready for the next cell to contact it. 


Is AEGIS Safe?

AEGIS will not have a negative impact on you or treated items. AEGIS is non-toxic and does not leach from the treated surface. AEGIS has also passed independent Fire, Smoke and Toxicity (FST) testing for use in transit and public spaces.

Where can AEGIS be used?

AEGIS can be used on both hard and soft non-food preparation surfaces. AEGIS has extensive efficacy testing on a wide range of surfaces including plastic, wood, metal, glass, and textiles.


Will AEGIS stop me from getting sick?

AEGIS is registered as a material preservative to control and prevent microbial growth. AEGIS is not registered as a drug to make health claims. Drugs protect people – material preservatives protect in-animate objects. AEGIS protects the surfaces where we live, work, and play. AEGIS is designed to be a part of, not replacement, for your current cleaning and disinfection protocols.


Who is Complete EnviroSolutions (CES)?

CES is distributor of AEGIS for Microban®. Our programs combine the best technology with experienced in-house professionals.


Does AEGIS Affect Viruses?

AEGIS is registered as an antimicrobial which includes efficacy against mold, mildew, bacteria, algae, and yeast. Viruses are not classified as microbes and therefore AEGIS cannot make anti-viral claims. If you have a specific question about viruses – please contact us.


How do we know that AEGIS works?

There are several means to demonstrate that AEGIS has worked for others and will work for you.  Value Registrations A registration with a health authority verifies the claim being made within that jurisdiction. AEGIS is globally registered as an enduring antimicrobial surface treatment to control and prevent microbial growth with health authorities such as Health Canada, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and European Union. Health Canada: PCP 15133 US EPA: 64881-1 and 64881-2. Test of Time AEGIS has been registered with the US EPA since the 1970s and with Health Canada since 1990s. While other antimicrobial technologies and companies have come and gone – AEGIS has stood the test of time as the market leader in antimicrobial surface protection for over 50 years. Market Adoption Utilized by 300+ companies on over 1,000 products in more than 30 countries, AEGIS is the most widely used antimicrobial surface protectant trusted by name brands and recommended for health care facilities. Partner companies include Reebok, GE, and Sherwin Williams. For a complete list visit of products that use AEGIS visit


Who can apply AEGIS?

To comply with federal laws regarding antimicrobials and to ensure long-lasting antimicrobial efficacy, only trained AEGIS applicators and our manufacture integration partners can apply AEGIS. To learn more about how to integrate AEGIS into your business or to get a quote to apply AEGIS to your facility, fleet, or products – contact us.

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