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) Liquid Live Bacteria Digestant Deodorant are living bacteria and enzyme suspen- sions, which attack solids such as grease, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and sugars instantly destroying malodors. It eliminates it at the source and digests grease and organic waste naturally. This product is guaranteed salmonella free. Our unique bacteria blend offers greater continuous digestion while resisting chlorine, disinfectants and high water temperatures. This powerful digestant also contains special enzymes that immediately break down starch and complex carbohy- drates. Unlike detergents that simply push grease into sewer lines, these bacterial strains work together to quickly and naturally degrade organic waste. This process not only eliminates greasy accumulations, but also helps eliminate obnoxious odors at the molecular level while the pleasant fragrance keeps traps and plumbing lines smelling fresh. Continuous use of Liquid Live drastically reduces plumbing maintenance costs and reduces pump-out frequency, making it the ideal grease trap maintainer. It utilizes the latest biological technology to keep grease traps and drain lines free from clogs and foul odors.

12/32 oz per case.

Liquid Live - Apple Blossom (Enzyme Digestant & Deodorant)

SKU: CU 1410
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